Samar M. Salma

 Media, Communications & Public Relations Officer 

  1. CNN
    The Wonder List "Is the Dead Sea Dying?" Bill Weir Duty: Guided CNN crew to the Mouth of the Jordan River and the Jordan Valley.
  2. Associated Press
    -Mesut Özil Visits Zaatari Refugee Camp -Raising awareness of refugees; Miss Universe Japan Sam McNeil Duty: Worked as a Field Assistant
  3. nederlands dagblad
    Ecological Rehabilitation of the Jordan River will Boost Peace Process Maarten Bakker Duty: Guided the crew to the Jordanian/ Israeli Borders
  4. YugAgro Russia
    YUGAGRO Exhibition: Successfully Bringing Agribusiness Expertise Duty: Representative
  5. Euphrates Institute
    Boosting Young MENA Entrepreneurs Duty: Author
  6. EdenKEEPER
    Sacred Jordan River Gets Help From EcoPeace by Aisha Abdelhamid Duty: Representative
  7. Euphrates Institute
    What is water to you? Celebrate UN World Water Day March 22nd by Janessa Wilder Duty: Representative
  8. Maan News Agency
    انجاز خطة تأهيل حوض نهر الأردن Duty: Master of Ceremonies
  9. RTS
    Jordanie: le royaume en quête d'eau Duty: Guided and gave an interview about the status of the Jordan River & The Dead Sea.